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Tuesday, December 14

Fire Ball di langit Inggris

Dari BBC london,

  Banyak saksi mata mengatakan melihat meteor seperti melihat cahaya di langit yang gelap. Bahkan seorang saksi mata mengatakan cahayanya sedikit membuatnya takut dikarenakan intensitasnya sangat tinggi, dan sangat terang.

  Para astronom mengatakan jika tingkat kecerahan yang dihasilkan dari batu yang terbakar di atmosfir sangat tidak biasa.

  Dr David Whitehouse mengatakan meteor yang sangat terang ini disebut "FireBall" atau 'BolaApi'

  Dr David juga menambahkan, bahwa ukuran meteor ini kemungkinan sebesar kepalan tangan anda atau sedikit lebih besar, namun terbakar habis dikarenakan ketebalan atmosfir kita berkisar antara 100 - 130 Km.

Komentar - komentar yang terdapat pada BBC News:

  I spotted the fireball from my living room window at around 1730. It was so extraordinary, I jumped to my feet to get a better look but it was gone. My daughters and son thought I had been on the bottle and have poked fun at me most of the night but I knew what I saw was nothing like I had ever seen before in my life. Carolyn Levitt, Honley Holmfirth, West Yorkshire

  I was getting my girlfriend from work when I saw the meteor. I told her about it and was mocked as I told her I'd seen a UFO - jokingly of course. It was like a firework blazing across the night sky. Callum Laing, Kirkcaldy, Fife

  My family and I had been shopping and I'd just put the key in the door at home when there was a massive burst of orange light that lit up the square. I thought there'd been an explosion in the house opposite us, but when I turned round I managed to catch a glimpse of the meteor just before it passed out of sight. Rebecca, Catterick, North Yorkshire

  I saw the fire ball in Swansea. I was having a cigarette outside when I looked up and saw this bright streak of light going across the sky. It lasted for about four seconds - it was amazing to see. Milton, Swansea, West Glamorgan

  Myself and three other members of the RAF were driving up the M6, northbound, through Birmingham when a bright streak appeared above, to the right of the car. Initially, I thought it might have been a low flying fighter aircraft, on reheat, due to the speed of the trail across the sky. Having worked on fast jet RAF aircraft, I quickly realised that the trail was fiery, rather than the blue-white jet exhaust normally associated with a fighter jet at night. There were also fiery sparks coming off the trail, almost exactly as if an aircraft was ejecting flares to deter missiles. Chris Fawcett, Albrighton, Shropshire

  I'm glad to read this as I'm not one to "see things" but at 1738 (I checked my watch), I noticed a flash with my left eye out of my living-room, spun around and saw two lights in the sky heading north which made a dip, then disappeared. Paul Collins, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

  My six year old and my mum saw it and I told them not to be daft! A big firework travelling along the way? Couldn't be right. Now I know it was a meteor. I'm glad they got this once in a lifetime experience. My daughter is so amazed now. Amber, Fife

  I was driving up the M1 towards Milton Keynes when I saw it. Must confess at the time I thought it was a duff firework that didn't explode. It was a white streak of light with a greenish edge to it. Ian Chilvers, Luton
I have seen few things so beautiful in my life. It was exceptionally bright against a clear, inky winter night sky. I put its brightness down to the crisp clear atmosphere of the night. It looked like a ball of yellow fire, tinged with orange at the front and with sparks flying from it. It appeared slower than a regular shooting star. Margaret Gardiner, Glenrothes, Fife

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